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Positive Feedback
Since 2001, STRATEGIES has enjoyed fostering relationships and providing personalized and creative support for authors, publishers, and professionals.

“My publisher, my agent, and I are all thrilled with the work of Jared Kuritz and STRATEGIES. Jared has really ratcheted up my social media numbers and comes up with creative ways for me to stay engaged with my readers. I’m so excited to be working with him and his company.”

Linda Lael Miller

#1 New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

“Jared clearly understands the book publishing industry and marketing big-time, and the combination is a win-win! I am confident that our ROI will happen quickly.

Jared, thank you for sharing your ideas and expertise with our company. You rock!”

Vanda Jackson Publisher,

Purple Porcupine Publishing

“Jared Kuritz is a super-charged book marketing expert! From big-picture publisher book marketing strategies to title-specific specialty- and sponsorship-sales brainstorming, Jared knows the steps to take and can teach you how to succeed at the dance we call book publishing.”
Lee Wind

Director of Education and Programs, Independent Book Publishers Association

“I have had the privilege of working with Jared for over three years now and could not recommend him more fully. Whether you are looking to market an existing book, manifest a complete book vision project from scratch to best-selling status, or simply need a trusted strategic advisor bringing with them an unparalleled/in-depth understanding of the publishing industry and beyond… you will not go wrong having him join your team. If you are lucky enough to have the chance to work with Jared, my strong advice is that you seize the opportunity immediately. You will not regret it!”
John Peitzman

Certified High Performance Coach™, Creator, The BUILD Framework® Host, The BUILD Show

“I have worked with Jared and STRATEGIES for more than 15 years. He is easily accessible, has exceptional knowledge of the industry, and consistently demonstrates a genuine interest in producing the best possible books for his clients.”

Gwyn Flowers

GKS Creative

“Jared…was such a help in rethinking my approach to marketing for our small press. His knowledge of the industry, creativity in thinking about the scope of marketing for different types of publications, and flexibility…continues to resonate.” All best,
Martha Hoffman

Cuindono Press

“I was fortunate to have been able to participate in Jared’s Scalable Book Marketing for Publishers course. Before it started, we all filled out a form about what we were hoping to get out of the class. My response was just that one nugget—that one idea that I hadn’t thought of—that would really make a difference for our publishing house and our clients. Eureka! There were several gems in the class that I’ve already implemented into the marketing I do for our clients. I’m game for more! Thanks, Jared, for the details, accessibility, generosity of your time, and sharing your knowledge with me.”
Valeri Barnes

Senior Editor/Director of Promotions , Berry Powell Press

Thank you Jared. You shared a lot of very useful information!
Caroline Fernadez

Marketing & Publicity

“Jared is very knowledgeable….and encourages [you] to think outside of the box to create the best marketing opportunities for your books.”

Gale Tull,

Marketing Assistant, Judson Press

“[Jared] has a broad and deep knowledge of the publishing industry… I appreciated his willingness to address any question, which…solved a number of my problems. How valuable, to meet someone who can brainstorm a solution on the spot! I highly recommend..to anyone in the business, from new, small publishers to experienced pros who would benefit from new ideas they have not yet implemented.”
Nan Barnes

Stories To Tell Books

“Jared is fantastic and well-organized.”

Madge Blakey,

Author of Your The Boss

“Jared is one of the finest speakers on marketing and public relations that I have ever known…Not only was his information cutting-edge, but his handouts, graphs, and printed notes were top drawer.”
Lynette Baum,

Southern California Writers Association

“I badly needed someone to help me navigate the printing/publishing industry, both on the mechanics and especially on the strategy and marketing aspects. I spent a lot of time looking around and speaking to various people and … Jared was by far and away the most professional and the most capable of the lot.”
Robert F, Hemphill,

President & CEO, Strelitzia Ventures

“As a regularly invited faculty member at Publishing University, IBPA’s annual educational event, Jared has been an incredible asset. His knowledge, dependability, organization, and thoroughness has consistently earned him top marks.”
Terry Nathan

COO, Independent Book Publishers Association

“In Jared, I found an advocate that wanted to see my success from start to finish and worked with me tirelessly to help achieve that goal. If it wasn’t for the honesty and guidance of Jared, my book probably never would have achieved all that it has.”
M.J. Dougherty

Author, Speaker, Actor

“I met Jared as an instructor of a UCSD Extension Course I took. Over the years, I have attended many writing lectures given by Jared. He is an excellent communicator who shares with others his vast knowledge and experience in the literary industry.”
Harvey Neiman

Author of the Customize Wall Street series

“I have partnered with STRATEGIES for five years. Jared was the missing link to bringing my writing from hobby to profession. He is incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to explain things so that I can make informed decisions. Jared is creative, thoughtful, and always makes time for my questions. The hands-on, personalized approach is amazing.”
Brenda Flores

Author & Publisher, SWR Press