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Whether you are a small, medium, or large press publisher, we work with you to address and support your specific publishing needs.

“Jared is very knowledgeable….and encourages [you] to think outside of the box to create the best marketing opportunities for your books.”

Gale Tull,

Marketing Assistant, Judson Press

“[Jared] has a broad and deep knowledge of the publishing industry… I appreciated his willingness to address any question, which…solved a number of my problems. How valuable, to meet someone who can brainstorm a solution on the spot! I highly anyone in the business, from new, small publishers to experienced pros who would benefit from new ideas they have not yet implemented.”
Nan Barnes

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A partial list of the services we offer to publishers:

  • Personalized Marketing Plan
  • Business Modeling Consultation
  • Platform & Brand Development Consultation
  • Book Development Consultation & Services
  • Product & Services Development Consultation
  • Publishing & Distribution Consultation & Services
  • Marketing Materials
  • Book Trailers
  • Websites & SEO
  • Media Lists
  • Retail Reviews
  • External Reviews
  • Digital Book Club Awareness Campaign
  • Trade Review Submissions
  • Targeted Media Release Outreach
  • Radio/Podcast Interviews
  • TV Interviews
  • Events
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing/Networking
  • Bylined Article Writing/Placement
  • Specialty Market Sales Consultation
  • Librarian Outreach
  • Bookseller/Bookstore Outreach
  • Blog Outreach
  • Specialty Market Outreach

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