For the past two decades, STRATEGIES has enjoyed working with an exceptional array of people.  From novice writers seeking guidance on writing and publishing options to professionals looking to use a book to augment their business needs;  from politicians looking to hone their craft and deliver a message to business people interested in branding and introducing themselves or a product to the public; from entrepreneurs developing a business model to New York Times bestselling authors seeking to supplement the efforts of their in-house representation, STRATEGIES specializes in unique, personalized, result-oriented approaches to assist our clients in reaching their goals.

There are three components to what STRATEGIES handles:

Literary Development

Our Literary Development Services are designed to help clients at any point in their idea, writing, and/or publishing process.   

Business Modeling

Our Business Modeling Consultation focus on how to create, deliver and capture value in consideration of your products and business strategy.

Public Relations & Marketing

Our Public Relations and Marketing Services are intended to aid you in developing a platform and to deliver the content of that platform to your target market.

Free Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your project and goals.  Please feel free to Contact Us or fill out a Free Consultation Request to discuss your specific goals.