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Whether you are a first-time author with an idea for a book or a New York Times bestselling author with dozens of titles, we work with you to customize a plan that meets your goals.

“I badly needed someone to help me navigate the printing/publishing industry, both on the mechanics and especially on the strategy and marketing aspects. I spent a lot of time looking around and speaking to various people and … Jared was by far and away the most professional and the most capable of the lot.”
Robert F, Hemphill,

President & CEO, Strelitzia Ventures

“I met Jared as an instructor of a UCSD Extension Course I took. Over the years, I have attended many writing lectures given by Jared. He is an excellent communicator who shares with others his vast knowledge and experience in the literary industry.”
Harvey Neiman

Author of the Customize Wall Street series

A partial list of the services we offer to author:

  • Publishing & Distribution Consultation
  • Editing, Content Development, & Ghostwriting
  • Personalized Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Materials
  • Book Trailers
  • Websites & SEO
  • Media Lists
  • Retail Reviews
  • External Reviews
  • Digital Book Club Awareness
  • Campaign
  • Trade Review Submissions
  • Targeted Media Release Outreach
  • Radio/Podcast Interviews
  • TV Interviews
  • Events
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing/Networking
  • Bylined Article Writing/Placement
  • Specialty Market Sales Consultation
  • Librarian Outreach
  • Bookseller/Bookstore Outreach
  • Blog Outreach
  • Specialty Market Outreach
  • Independent Publishing Consultation
  • Business Modeling Consultation
  • Platform & Brand Development Consultation

Let’s chat about your project and goals.

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