Literary Development

Whether you are a first-time writer with an idea for a book, a budding author with finished manuscript in hand, a professional looking to publish a book to contribute to your business strategy, or a New York Times bestselling author with a backlist, you have many choices.

  • What method(s) of publishing best suit my needs?
  • What role does my book play in my business model?
  • What should I budget for book development?
  • How do I find a great editor?
  • Do I need a marketability read?
  • How do I get endorsements and reviews?
  • What is the difference between distribution and fulfillment?
  • How to I write a proposal or solicit and agent?
  • How do I write for marketability?
  • How and when should I start platform development and branding?

Having brought more than 100 books to market and promoted hundreds more, we have expert knowledge in all aspects of the publishing industry and can work with you to determine the best course of action for your project, including, but not limited to:

  • General Publishing Consultation
  • Content Evaluations
  • Content Editing
  • Ghost Writing
  • Co-Authoring
  • Book Outlining
  • Marketability Reads
  • Traditional Publishing Consultation
  • Cooperative Publishing Consultation
  • Self/Small Press Consultation and Shepherding
  • E-Publishing Consultation and Shepherding
  • Agent Solicitation Consultation
  • Book Proposals Development
  • Brand & Platform Development
  • Traditional Agent/Publisher Referrals
  • Distribution Referrals & Setup Consultation
  • Book Packaging Referrals & Setup Consultation
  • Printer Referrals & Setup Consultation
  • Endorsement & Review Solicitation
  • Media Marketing Plan Development

And so much more!


Please feel free to Contact Us or fill out a Free Consultation Request to discuss your specific goals.