Business Modeling

How do you plan to create, deliver, and capture value from what you are bringing or presenting to the market?  What are your products and how do you plan to use them?  How do you qualify that value?  What role does this model play in your overall business strategy?

Regardless of your what you are seeking to promote (a person, brand, book, business, product, etc.), to be in the best possible position for success, the process needs to be treated like a business.  Thus, before you engage in PR and marketing activities, business modeling is key.  You probably would not think to open a restaurant without a theme, staff, menu, license, and decor in place, right?  Then why would you seek to promote a book, person, product, etc. without knowing how you plan to promote, why you are promoting it, and what your overall goal(s) are?

STRATEGIES work with each client to identify their business model, determine how each product will contribute to that model, and the best method of engaging their plan.


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